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Misty Skylar

Misty Skylar

  • Birthday: Sept. 10
  • Height: 5'9
  • City: Canada
  • Hair: Red
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Official site: See More of Misty on CanadaTgirls.com
  • Biography: This lovely gem comes to us from her hometown of Ottawa, Ontario. A single encounter with Misty would make you a believer - she is completely feminine and has an angelic voice to boot. I was happy to meet with Misty because she was very enthusiastic about doing some shoots with CANTG. I especially liked her outgoing and poisitve attitude. Only good vibes from this Canadian princess. Misty is a versatile model. She can top and bottom as well. Her requirements for bottoming for a guy require mutual respect, and she only plays safe. She also demands that men treat her like the woman she is. The interesting part of Misty's hobbies is that she likes to visit bathhouses and have men service her orally. She said she likes the free drinks too! I thought this was unique about her, as I never met a tgirl that goes into bathhouses for gay men. Turns out Misty used to work in one. On a lighter note, Misty loves Pokemon and video games. She often attends in-person trading card matches and the cute pokenerds always hit on her. She never tells them about her "T" and says they never have any clue. Check out her awesome interview she did. Misty loves sushi, pizza, and smoking joints with friends. Her other favorite pastime is longboarding (a type of skateboard), and she told me it helps her lose weight. Generally speaking I'd say Misty is very healthy.
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